Friday, June 6, 2008

Andrea Evans Q&A

Andrea Evans Q&A

Fan favorite Andrea Evans returns as the trouble making Tina Lord on June 11. sat down with the actress to ask her questions the fans have been dying to know.

OLTL fans have been asking for your return since you left. Can you describe the feeling when you returned to OLTL for your first day of work?
It was like coming home! I grew up on this set with so many of these people. Slipping into Tina again was like a glove with the perfect fit.

Which OLTL actor were you most excited to see again?
Erika (Slezak, Viki). I've known Erika for all these years. She's the only actor still on the show from when I first started! She was a huge mentor to me so I was especially excited to see her.

What are the most important things in your life right now?
My daughter. Hands down. My husband, my family, my dogs, my job. Really the same things that are important to everyone else!

In the past, you have been a columnist for Healthy Cooking. Do you prefer writing over acting?
No. I mean, I like it. It came out of now here and I was thrilled to do it, as well as wonderfully flattered and surprised. But I'm an actress to my bones!

One of your hobbies is cooking, what is your favorite dish to cook?
Vegetable Lasagna. It's really my husband's favorite dish. I'm a vegetarian and he's a tried and true meat eater, but he loves this dish.

You adopted a baby girl in 2004. How do you feel about adopting more children?I'm very open to it. It's something my husband and I are talking about.

You have always played the bad girl on OLTL, how would you describe yourself off screen?
I am so not that! In fact, I joke with our costume designer whenever she calls me for a fitting for Tina and say "You're calling me in my other life as a mild mannered housewife." My life's really like a lot of other people's.

Do you ever want Tina to settle down?
I don't think Tina will ever settle down. It's just not her. I think she'd like to, but she just incapable of it. Her idea of settling down and my idea kind of settling down are not the same.

Do you want to say anything to the fans who have been so excited for your return?
Thank you! I am so grateful that people are excited for my return. Frank (Valentini, executive producer), Ron (Carlivati, head writer) and I worked really hard to try to live their expectations. I'm pleased, and I think everyone else will be too!

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txcatgirl said...

If Tina is even similar to Rebecca, count me in!

The only soap I've ever watched is Passions, so it's been really hard to watch all the wonderful actors from that show be "treated" to such a fate. The show was clearly unique.

It makes no sense that something so completely different couldn't stand out and stay, but so it goes.

Time to check out Tina!

Excellent choice!